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The Study of Simple and Multiple Relationships of Student’s Stressors Stressors with Academic Performance with the Religious Attitudes as a Moderator

A. Aboighasemi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 1-18


  This study was carried out to investigate the simple and multiple relationships between student stressors, religious attitudes and academic performance. The sample consisted of 511 (male and female) students who were selected randomly from the different deparements of Mohaghegh Ardabili University, iran. ...  Read More

The Causal Relationships between Religious Attitudes, Optimism, Mental Health and Physical Health among Shahid Chamran University Students

M. Shehni Yailagh; A. Movahed; H. . Shokrkon

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 19-34


  This study was conducted to investigate the fitness of structural model of the relationship between religious attitudes and optimism with mental and physical health. The sample consisited of 402 Shahid Chamran University students, studying in the academic year of 2001-2002. The sample was selected randomly. ...  Read More

Comparison of Artists in the Fields of Literature, Theater, Music, Visual Arts (Painting, etc.) and non-artists with Respect to Personality Traits on NEO-PI Personality Test in Ahvaz

J Haghighi; E. Zarei,; H. Shokrkon; M. Shehni Yeylagh

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 35-56


  The aim of this study was to compare artists in the fields of literature, theater acting music, and visual arts (Painting, etc) with non-artists regarding personality traits on NEO-PI. The samples consisted of 320 artists and 80 non-artists. Subjects were selected by stratified sampling random method ...  Read More

The Simple and Multiple Relationships of the Organizational Justice with the Job Satisfaction of the Personnel of an Industrial Orga-+

A.Z . Naami,; H. Shokrkon,

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 57-70


  This research was conducted to study the simple and multiple relationships between the organizational justice and job satisfaction of the employees of an industrial organization. The variable of organizational justice deals with the ways and methods of conduct with the personnel of organizations to feel ...  Read More

Construction and Validation of a Guideline Scale for Measuring Occupational Self- efficant Expectancies for Ahvaz University Students

G. . Rajabi,; Y.A. Attari; H. Shokrkon

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 71-100


  The objective of this study was to construct and validate an occupational expectation of self-efficacy scale for university students. The Results of this study showed a high reliability among the sub-scales, such as educational needs, occupational expectancies between men and women. Also, the concurrent ...  Read More

A Comparison of Psychological Hardiness, Type A Personality, and Sensation Seeking between Normal People and Cancers Patients referred to Counseling and Psychotherapy Centers of Ahvaz

Y.A. . Attari; A.K. Neissi,; N. Yousefi; J. Nabavihesar

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 101-120


  The present study intended to investigate the relationship between patients who suffered from cancer and those who did not, in terms of psychological effects with regard to different personality variables such as Type A Personality Questionnaire (TAPQ), Psychological Hardiness Questionnaire (PHQ), and ...  Read More

A Comparison of Attitudes and Value System among Third-grade Grade High School Students with their Parents and Closest Classmates in Ahvaz

M. Mehrabizadeh Honarmand; M. Mahmoodi; H. Shokrkon; B. Najarian

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 121-142


  This study was designed to compare the value system and attitudes toward the adolescents control and to the education of 3rd grade high school students with their parents and their closest classmates in Ahvaz. The sample consisted of 400 students (200 boys and 200 girls), Eight hundred parents (400 mothers ...  Read More

Identification of the Causes of Family Disintegration due to the Premarital Psycho-social Charateristics of Men and Women

S. Banijamli; G. Nafisi; S. Yazdi

Volume 11, Issue 1 , June 2004, Pages 143-170

  The present research was performed to probe into the disintegration of families due to the prenuptial period characteristics, courting and the compatibility of the spouses’ personal, family, social, cultural and personality characteristics. The research is taking a step toward preventing the disintegration ...  Read More