Production and transmission of science and knowledge is one of the main goals of Higher Education institutions and university professors and researchers. This is accomplished by compiling and translating books, writing articles, conducting research, and writing research reports. Research articles and reports are usually published in scientific journals. These journals are truly the main the publication of new scientific findings, and today there are many journals in each branch of science and knowledge and they are increasing in number every year.

Based on this, Psychological Achievements journal started its activity as one of the scientific publications in 1351 (1971 BC) according to the needs and requirements of the time. This publication tries to provide academics and professionals with the latest developments in the world of science in various fields of psychology.

 The types of articles accepted are:

   Quantitative research articles

    Qualitative research articles

Thematic Axes of the Publication

Developmental Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Aging Psychology, Psychopathology and Mental Illnesses, Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Health Psychology and Oncology Psychology, Quality of Life and Health Promotion, Spirituality and Psychology of Religion and Culture, Family Psychology and Family Counseling, Psychometrics and Normation of Psychological Tools, Sports Psychology and Mental Health, Different Fields of Social Psychology and Social Networks or Social Media, Creativity and Intelligence


  1. Creating a context to help develop and enhance the level of knowledge and research in psychology
  2. Publishing research articles and research findings in order to promote the scientific level as well as enhance production and publication in various fields of psychology.
  3. Cooperating in problem-finding, decision-making, and problem-solving in different areas of psychology
  4. Providing an appropriate context for the exchange of ideas and information between academic and research centers in the field of psychology.
  5. Replicating the scientific achievements of researchers across the country in various fields of psychology
  6. Development of the exchange of ideas in a wide range of important and new topics related to psychology
  7. Review of all related articles in the field of experimental studies, developments and theoretical and methodological advances in psychology