All authors are requested to pay attention to the following points for writing the main text of the article:

1- The article should be sent in a separate file without mentioning the name of the author or authors or any kind of their address.

2- Submit the entire article along with Tables, Charts, and Figures in a single file.

3- The article should be set on A4 page.

4- The type of article should be mentioned at the beginning of the article.

5- The title of the article should be written completely in Farsi and English.

6- The article should have abstracts in Persian (150 to 200 words) and English (400 to 600 words)

7- The keywords in Persian and English should be listed below the abstracts according to the alphabet (3 and 6 words)

8- The article should include 4 main parts:

-Introduction: It includes the statement of the problem and the background of the research

-Research Method: including research design, statistical population and sample and sampling method, tools and their validity and reliability.

-Results: The results of the study.

-Discussion and Conclusion: Discussion and conclusion: combining research findings with research background and explaining the possible causes of contradictions, expressing limitations and suggestions

9-Persian and English sources should be new, written in alphabetical order and arranged according to APA writing principles. Persian sources should be written in English.

10- The article should be written using Word 2007 software with B lotus 12 font, margins of (top 5.8, bottom 4.5 right and left 4.5) and line spacing of Single.

11- Foreign equivalents of scientific and uncommon terms and concepts and English nouns should be written in English in the text.

12- Click here for more information about the sourcing method.


  1. The article should not be submitted to another journal or published elsewhere.
  2. The author(s) is responsible for the content of the article.
  3. The journal is free to accept or reject the article.
  4. The journal is free to edit and apply necessary changes to the articles.

Dear author, please download the files in the following link before sending the article to the journal of Psychological Achievements and then use A: Sample Word file of the magazine articles (the original file of the article without the names of the authors), insert your article in it. Copy and then adjust. B: Adjust your sources according to the APA7 citation format that has been placed for you. P: Using the editor software, correct the typographical, spelling and grammar mistakes of your article (the manual with the software is available in PDF format in the software folder) and then send your article to the magazine. It is obvious that not paying attention to the mentioned points will exclude your article from the journal's process.


Main file (whiouut author(s) name)

Affiliation form

Cover letter form

Authorship and conflict of interest disclosure form

4 Necessary items