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1 Master of Educational Psychology, Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran

2 Professor of Educational Psychology, Department of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences. Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran



Wisdom is one of the important psychological characteristics that increases psychological and social well-being. According to different definitions related to wisdom, there is a complex interaction between wisdom and moral development because the behavior of wise people is mainly accompanied by moral foundations. Considering the signicant role of intelligence in the definitions of wisdom and the influence of it in interpersonal relationships and wise behavior, moral intelligence and emotional intelligence were chosen as two influencing variables in wisdom. This research is important due to the lack of information about the structures that are effective in wisdom and its important role in solving various life problems of the society and was conducted with the aim of determining the mediating role of moral intelligence and emotional intelligence in the relationship between moral development and wisdom of students.
It was with a volume of 15,000 students and the sample is 240 students of Allameh Tabatabai University and they were selected by cluster sampling method. The tools used include: Schering's 1996 emotional intelligence questionnaire which has 5 subscales of self-awareness, spontaneity, self-control, empathy, and social skills - Lenik and Keel's 2005 moral intelligence that measures 10 competencies - Webster's 2007 wisdom, including 40 items, and Graham's moral foundations 2011, which measures 5 ethical dimensions. The findings were analyzed bu structural equation modeling and using AMOS.v22 and SPSS.v23 software.
The results showed that moral development (P=0.001), moral intelligence (P=0.001) and emotional intelligence (P=0.019) have a direct and significant relationship with wisdom. In addition, the indirect relationship between moral development and wisdom through the mediation of moral intelligence was significant (P=0.01). Therefore, the research model has a favorable fit and moral intelligence plays a mediating role in the relationship between moral development and wisdom.
This research provides valuable insights into the complex dynamics between moral development, emotional intelligence, and wisdom. In particular, it emphasizes the pivotal role of moral intelligence as a mediator in the relationship between moral development and wisdom.The results indicate that if the moral growth increases, the structure of wisdom in people will increase. Certainly, with the increase of moral intelligence in people, moral growth is positively affected and wisdom also grows due to accurate goal choices and understanding the meaning of life. Also, with the increase in emotional intelligence, human behavior and emotions are controlled and regulated and increase wisdom. In order to generalize the results, it is suggested to carry out more research on other samples, and by holding workshops and classes related to wisdom and the structures that affect it, the psychological and social well-being of the society was increased.


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