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A Phenomenological Exploration of the Lived Experience of Mothers of Children with Learning Disorders from Their Child's Emotional-Behavioral Problems

Fateme Mazaheri Tehrani; Saed Ghanbari; Jalil Fathabadi; Omid Shokri; Masoud Sharifi

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 1-16


  IntroductionLearning disorders are one of the considerable topics in educational psychology. Children with learning disabilities experience more emotional problems than their peers. Hence, there will be more challenges for the parents of these children, which can add to the complexity of the parenting ...  Read More

Predicting Family Functioning based on Control of Negative Thinking and Parental Stress with Mediating Role of Sexual Satisfaction: Model Presentation in Parents of Children with Learning Disorder

Zahra Mohebi; Zahra Dasht Bozorgi; Reza Johari fard

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 17-36


  Introduction Learning disabilities are problems that negatively affect an individual's education and education-related skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and others because of having different perceptions of what they see. Parents may wonder what his future will be like despite this problem. ...  Read More

The Relationship between Marital Intimacy on Life Satisfaction with Mediating Love, Marital Compatibility, and Marital Satisfaction in the Employees Pepole

Shahroei Shahriar; kobra kazemianmoghadam; Ali Khalfi; Mahnaz Mehrabizadeh Honarmand,

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 37-58


  IntroductionTo continue the marriage, marital intimacy is essential. Intimacy is very important for a healthy relationship.This study examined the effect of marital intimacy on life satisfaction with the mediation of love, compatibility test, and marital satisfaction in Khuzestan University staff.MethodThe ...  Read More

Model of Academic Engagement Based on Psychological Capital with the Mediating of Self-Determination

Ali Sepahvand; Monirpour Nader; Majid Zargham Hajebi

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 59-80


  Introduction In the last two decades, the academic conflict has attracted the attention of researchers and educators because of its comprehensiveness in describing students 'motivation and learning, as well as a strong predictor of students' performance, progress, and success in school. There are many ...  Read More

The Effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Attention and Electroencephalographic Pattern in Children with Attention Deficit Disorder

Naeemeh Sayafan; Alireza Hajiyakhchali; Manijeh Shehniyailagh

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 81-98


  Introduction Attention can be described as the choice of a thing or thought from several thoughts or several things by the mind so clearly that it seems to have happened at the same time. The ability to pay attention allows a person to control the entry of different stimuli into the consciousness stage ...  Read More

The effectiveness of Pennsylvania resilience training on the symptoms of procrastination and anxiety in perfectionist gifted adolescents

Razieh Khavasi; Mohsen Saeidmanesh; Mahdieh Azizi

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 99-120


  IntroductionTalented students are the national assets of any country and not paying attention to them can cause psychological damage to individuals. In this study, the effect of the Pennsylvania resilience treatment program on procrastination and anxiety components in perfectionist intelligent adolescents ...  Read More

Prediction of Generalized Anxiety Disorder based on Attachment Styles by Mediating Early Maladaptive Schemas in Adolescents

zahra ebrahimi; Shahrokh Makvand Hoseini; Seyed Mosa Tabatabaee

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 121-138


  Introduction Adolescence is considered an important period of life that is accompanied by considerable biological and psychological changes that may lead to anxiety disorders in some cases. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) as one of the most prevalent psychological disorders among adolescents is mainly ...  Read More

The Boys' Lived Psychological and Social Experience of Puberty is Based on the Grounded Theory

ali rahimi; Morteza Omidian; Hamid Farhadi Rad

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 139-164


  IntroductionThe method of the present research is qualitative and the systematic version of the "Grounded Theory". The statistical population of the present study was all boys born in Dezful in the years 1999 to 2003. The sampling framework was purposeful and theoretical. For this purpose, ...  Read More

The Effectiveness of Emotional Intelligence Training on Preschool Teachers' Responsibility and Coping Skills

Zinab Momennai; ali taghvaeinia; Fariborz Nikdel

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 165-182


  IntroductionEmotional intelligence refers to the differences between individuals in identifying motivation, emotions, and feelings, and controlling emotions, both in the individual and in social relationships. In fact, emotional Intelligence is the ability to process information related to one's emotions ...  Read More

Testing the Model of Psychological Well-Being Based on Moral Identity and Tolerance of Disturbance with the Mediation of Resilience in Female Students

Pooneh Safari; Rezvan Homaei

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 183-202


  IntroductionThe coronavirus has become a serious threat to public health and well-being. The spread of the virus, especially among children and teenagers, has caused great concern and anxiety. Given the pandemic's impact on important social, economic, and political aspects, it is crucial to explore the ...  Read More

Analysis of the Moral Inteligence Concept from the Point of View of the Conselling PhD Candidates: A Qualitative Study

Saeede Hamidi; Javad Khodadadi Sangdeh; Atousa Kalantar Hormozi

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 203-222


  Introduction Moral intelligence refers to the capacity to distinguish between true and false, practice strong moral beliefs and behave in a way that is morally right. This study aimed to investigate the perception of Counseling Ph.D. Candidates about Moral Intelligence.   Methodology This research ...  Read More

The Model of Predicting Psychological Distress According to Emotional Regulation with the Mediation Role of Adaptation to Infertility in the Infertile Women

momeneh ghaderi; farideh dokaneei fard; panteh a jahangir; ahmad vosogh taghi dizaj

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 223-244


  Introduction Infertility is a major problem among many families, especially in Iranian families. The phenomenon of infertility, having the conditions of a critical event, ie duration, complex conditions, unpredictability, and uncontrollable conditions, creates a comprehensive crisis in the life of infertile ...  Read More

The Role of Social Support Dimensions in Psychological Well-Being of High School Students through Gratitude Mediation

Hossein Shafiee; Mohsen Shakeri; Mehdi Rahimi; Mahdieh Estabraghi

Volume 30, Issue 2 , October 2023, Pages 245-260


  Introduction One of the most important stages in human development is adolescence; the period when a person goes through childhood and encounters new plans and responsibilities in the family and society. One of the most critical adolescent issues is adolescents' mental health and well-being. Various ...  Read More